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Since 1994, ApartmentTrends has provided the most comprehensive data and analysis of the greater Austin and San Antonio multi-family housing markets. No other research organization has its finger on the pulse of rental housing the way we do.

So what can we do for you?

With the debut of the new ApartmentTrends website, micro mapping searches within neighborhoods are a snap. Discover the apartment inventory within a half-mile radius or beyond. The information is deep — mix of units, types of units, rents, concessions, amenities, absorption rates, authentic property ownership, sales and a host of other options for slicing and dicing the data to meet your urgent needs.

ApartmentTrends updates its essential criteria as its researchers harvest the data daily and that information is rolled into quarterly reports enhanced by invaluable historical perspectives.

Data is inclusive of properties with 50 or more units in the following property types:

  • Conventional/Market Rate Housing
  • Affordable/Tax Credit Housing
  • Student/Leased by the Bed Housing
  • Senior Living Communities

In addition to comprehensive overviews of existing multifamily communities, we also track the development pipeline — who is building what, where and when — as well as which properties are on the market or have been sold.

ApartmentTrends is essential data for investors, brokers, managers, developers, planners and lenders that need data all along the I-35 corridor from Georgetown to San Antonio. No other company comes close to providing the depth of real time information and the power of that data to ensure success.

Austin native Robin Davis is the founder and owner of Apartmenttrends.com by Austin Investor Interests, who knows the ins and outs of the market with veteran acumen. We invite you to join us for the most comprehensive and accurate data available.

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