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Property Investors and Brokers

When you’re betting your money and reputation on the accuracy and timeliness of your property data, not just any old data will do. Property data that gives you a competitive advantage in the market has to be trustworthy, consistent, and highly tactical.


That’s why, at Austin Investor Interests, we work hard to provide property investors and financiers with strategic property data. Our property data is rich, accurate, timely, and analyzed to give you deep, intelligent insights for when you need to make quick decisions.


Real estate investors are often the first to spot hot markets. These new opportunities require investors to spot early signals and make fast decisions, which is why the real estate data you have must be precise, comprehensive, and digestible.

Real, Detailed, and Local Property Data 

Real estate data that meets these high standards can’t just be scraped off property listings and records. Austin Investor Interests puts boots on the ground to collect rich, detailed data in real time.


That’s what allows us to collect street-level information on each property. Information about the neighborhood, local amenities, transportation, and other location-specific data points creates a comprehensive picture for property investors.


In particular, this is the kind of value-added data that helps clients identify strong potential in up-and-coming neighborhoods. On the other hand, it helps them spot declining markets from early signals such as rising crime rates and businesses closing.

Context that Supports Big-Picture Thinking

At Austin Investor Interests, we don’t just provide granular property data. We understand how vital it is that investors have comprehensive real estate reports that support big-picture thinking.


In addition to location data, we work hard to provide essential information on property financing, assessor maps, property sales data, demographics, and much more. It’s common for each property to have thousands of data points that investors can analyze to a detailed, 3600 of the prevailing real estate conditions.


In particular, property investors need to tap into the mindset of their potential clients. In particular, Active Senior Housing and single family rentals (SFRs) have become hot markets in the recent past as demand shifts to low-density development.


It’s difficult to predict what the property market wants unless you get first-hand and real-time feedback. We do all this to make sure you have complete information that gives you an edge in the property market.

Powerful Analytics

Rich, detailed property datasets can be confusing even to the most experienced investors. Each data point creates another layer of complexity, and it can be difficult to link all the data available to create meaningful insights.


But, with our powerful analytics services, we serve up rich and actionable real estate property data for all types of brokers, investors, appraisers, lenders, and insurers. Using a unique combination of experience and instincts, we interpret the complex property data we collect and turn it into actionable and digestible insights that support fast decision-making.


This is also what helps us create customized property reports for our clients. For example, we supply property performance reports ranging from submarket level to metro and state level for different kinds of clients.


This powerful property data analytics capability supports our clients’ needs in unique ways. Depending on your needs, we can help you explore new opportunities, mitigate risk, or accelerate your growth.

Consistently Accurate Data for Property Investors

Above all else, property investors need to be able to rely on the real estate data available without reservation. That means your real estate property data provider should have a proven track record of retaining data accuracy even in fast-changing markets.


At Austin Investor Interests, we’re proud of our decades of experience in supporting real estate investors at all levels. We have been hands-on observers through property booms, bubbles, and recessions, gaining valuable experience in the industry since 1994.


Our focus has always been on having our finger on the pulse of the market. We harvest and process data daily and enrich it with our historical perspectives to present it in consistently accurate and actionable reports every quarter.


Whether you’re looking to invest in conventional housing, student-leased housing, affordable housing, single family rentals, or Active Senior Housing communities, Austin Investor Interests is your right-hand partner for reliable and trustworthy property data for all areas between Georgetown and San Antonio.